With this glove, you can enjoy the thrill of the grill in complete safety.
An ideal glove to make BBQs like a real pro, thanks to this glove make your most beautiful grills in complete safety.
This accessory will be essential for perfect insulation. Indeed, this glove protects you up to 500°C/932°F, the long sleeve allows you to be perfectly protected.
Covered with a silicone motif, it protects you from heat, while ensuring a good grip on utensils, or even charcoal!
The glove is ambidextrous, so it can be placed on any hand, one size fits all.
Made of aramid and silicone, it is easy to machine.
Withstands temperatures up to +932° F / 500°C
Complies with EU Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment.
Tested according to BS 6526: 1998
Non-porous silicone insulates, even when wet
One size fits all, perfect for the whole party.
Wash at 86°F
Aramid and silicone