Our history

1994 - Creation  

Mathieu Lion invents the Deos steel soap, designs it with Lucas Bignon, and launches Mastrad S.A. with Anne-Laure Nabat. 

A wild success from the start, the Deos steel soap, wins an award from the Concours Lépine.

1996 - Discovery

Mastrad creates the Microwavable Magma Hot Plate and receives the Award for Discovery at the Maison & Objet trade fair.

1997 - Ergonomics

Mastrad reinvents knives with its Axos range, approved by the French Chef’s Association and exhibited in the MOMA in New York.

1998 - Color

Mastrad dares to use color in the kitchen with its range of Elios peelers. With their unequaled non-slip and comfortable grip, Elios is available in an array of blades: julienne, ceramic, double stainless steel blade, serrated blade for fine skins.

1999 - Silicone

Mastrad uses the benefits of silicone and launches its colored spatulas that do not melt nor scratch. Mastrad’s creativity is rewarded with 3 medallions at Geneva’s International Exhibition for Inventions.


2000 - Patents

Mastrad patents the Standing Sauce Baster that separates the oil from the juice. They also develop an Electric Roasting Thermo-Sensor with an alarm, pre-programmed and programmable, to monitor oven cooking through an external box.

2001 - Best seller

The Vinaigrette Mixer turns heads and cooks up a true success.

2002 2003 - International success

The star of 2002 and 2003 was the Orka Silicone Oven Glove. Patented by Mastrad, this product quickly becomes sought after by the press, the consumer, and the professional. Elected best product of the year in the "most reassuring" category by the magazine, Capital, it receives the same success in the UK: "Excellence" at the Housewares Awards, "Innovation of the year" by "Good Housekeeping Institute", and in the USA where it wins a Gourmet Gold award at the Gourmet Products Show.

2004 - Awards

One little push is all it takes to turn it out! The ice cream scoop with the flexible base receives the 2004 Design Star from the APCI, whilst the ice cube tray stands out with its Grand Prize for the Art of Living at the Maison et Objet Exhibition.

2005 - Flexibilty and rigidity

Why didn’t we think of it before?! Mastrad innovation creates flexible molds made of silicone to ensure easy turning out and use. Rigid handles provide spill-proof transportation.

2006 - Healthy Revolution

Mastrad becomes a publicly-traded company listed on Euronext-Alternext. Meanwhile, we develop a new cooking method that combines the power of silicone and steam. The Silicone Steam Cooker makes it easy to prepare quick, delicious, healthy meals in the microwave and oven.

2007 - Transatlantic

Mastrad crosses the Atlantic and creates its subsidiary Mastrad Inc. To inspire cooking at an early age, Mastrad launches a range and colorful products for kids: Mastrad Kids.

2008 - Emulsions

Foie gras mousse, crab carpaccio, fluffy raspberry, asparagus mousse, or whipped cream? Whippers uncover the professionals’ secrets when it comes to making successful mousses, sauces, and creams. A delight for your guests and their palate!

2009 - Les Indispensables : books

Mastrad launches a cookbook collection: "Les Indispensables".

Our chef-created recipes using Mastrad utensils and cookware, and no less than 12 books followed suit.

An instant success, the collection also received several Cookbook Awards.

2011 - Chips Party !

Thanks to Mastrad's TopChips, you can now make fruit and vegetable chips in your microwave with no added fat.

Prized at the Birmingham (UK) show, a Gourmet Product Award in California, a finalist at the Housewares Design Awards in New-York... it is a downpour of awards that acknowledge the creation of the light healthy snack! 


2012-2013: Welcome to you, Mastrad Baby!

Determined to make life easier for young parents, Mastrad launches its range of baby utensils, named "Baby Mastrad". Babypods of integrated pots to Small skid plate, through the very nomadic Squeezy pod, food diversification becomes a breeze.


2014: Baby Mastrad a hit

A year after its launch, the gourd is P'tite Babycool winning the show. For their part, the nomadic caps stand at the Red Dot Award, which recognizes the best of international design. So young, and already recognized ...


2015: a groundbreaking idea

Just a little over 20 years after introducing its amazing stainless-steel soap, Mastrad continues to create innovative versions of classic kitchen tools.

With its new Balancia range, Mastrad upends the concept of pots and pans.

Bowl, Dutch oven, pot or salad bowl, steamer basket or bain-marie: these clever recipients can play any role and run the show for whatever you might prepare. Save on cupboard space while saving money, convenient, attractive, and more...

Greatly appreciated by the pros of the culinary world, this innovation won the “Interior Innovation Award” in the Cooking category.


2018: the connected revolution

After years of design, Mastrad launches the first entirely wireless cooking probe. meat°it is operated by a free app that is compatible with both smartphones and tablets.


2020 : In an increasingly connected kitchen with an anti-waste approach

With a view to reducing waste, Mastrad has created Stor'eat®: the first intelligent conservation solution with a range of boxes and jars as well as vacuum bags connected to a dedicated mobile application. With better control of its inventory, Mastrad is engaged in giving everyone the means to reduce food waste on a daily basis.

In the same year, a new generation of wirelessly connected cooking probes was launched with Meat°it + to satisfy more and more gourmet food lovers looking for perfect cooking results.