Ideal for making desserts that require heating to an exact temperature, Mastrad’s Thermospatula makes it possible to stir and scrape the sides of a bowl, all while measuring your ingredients’ temperature.
· The flexible silicone tip makes it easy to stir ingredients and scrape the bottom of containers, regardless of their shape.
· Thanks to its built-in stand, the spatula won’t come into contact with your work surface, helping it stay clean.
· The probe provides precise temperature readings between -58°F and +482°F, to the nearest tenth of a degree.
· The removable silicone tip can be used for a variety of foods (meat, fish, foie gras, etc.).
· Practical: the flexible silicone tip is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
• Flexible silicone tip
• Precise temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree
• Precise temperature between -58°F and +482°F
• Silicone tip with built-in stand
• Dishwasher (except for the probe) • °C/°F switch