Meat°it + SMART COOKING PROBE - orka®

You no longer have to choose between your guests and cooking success !
Thanks to this innovative fully wireless meat thermometer, and its mobile application, control easily the cooking of your meats from distance. Meat°it + will be your ally, to obtain a tasty cooking at the right temperature for your meats (red, white) and fish!

Thanks to its patented unique technology, Meat it +® controls the internal temperature, the cooking speed and the heat strength, alerting if your meat is overcooking, burning or if the heating source is cooling down.The app tells you the time remaining to reach the target temperature.

Essential in every situation, it resists to extreme temperatures from -30°C to 400 °C / -22 °F to 752 °F and flare-up (up to 3 min – 600°C). It has a temperature range from 0°C to 100°C which is perfect for smoking.

The app allows you to indicate the type of cooking surface used: plancha, barbecue, oven, stove ... or even the piece of meat, for an even more precise result!

With an automatic activation, you will just have to take off the probe from the docking station and its activated!

A Bluetooth repeater has been placed into the docking station for a range up to 60meters!
And thanks to the Wi-Fi repeater available on the app you can follow your cooking session as long as you get your Wi-Fi signal.
iOS / Android Compatible.
The app automatically reconnects when the signal is lost.
100% wireless Bluetooth probe
Monitor internal temperature and cooking speed
Resists to extreme temperatures between -30°C and +400°C. Resistant to flare-up (up to 3 min)
Precise temperature range from 0°C to 100°C
Easy to start – auto shut-off (30 min)
Range up to 60meters
Easy to use application, iOS / Android compatible
Delivered with batteries