Carry apple sauces and yogurts for everyone !
Very easy to fill, Squeezy pod allows you to transport and consume without bowl or spoon compotes, yogurts and mash.
Squeezie pod will help you to go to 0 waste because they are reusable!
No escape is possible! The integrated cap of Squeezie pod and its hermetic closure ensure a safe transport.
Fill it easily thanks to its wide opening.Made of soft silicone, it is easy to press. Its hood open, it even goes in the microwave for quick heating.
And to save you time, Frutti Pot is dishwasher safe. For a deep wash, it disassembles easily and its silicone pouch is turned over entirely.
Soft silicone and polypropylene
Without bisphenol A
Microwave use (opens cap)
Withstands extreme temperatures (- 104 °F)
Washing in the dishwasher
Useful capacity: 4.4 oz
100% reusable