3 in 1: Pour, measure & reseal !
The Mastrad stopper spout serves a dual purpose: it offers an anti-drip spout for impeccably serving oil and vinegar while also acting as a leakproof stopper.
It is simple to use: place the stopper on the bottle neck and pour. After using, shake gently and put the stoppered bottle away.
The stainless steel ball stoppers the spout while in the vertical position.
The design of the spout makes it possible to control the flow perfectly: no more overdosing!
The silicone joint on the spout keeps everything clean and airtight.
Thanks to its flared shape, your stopper spout fits on all sizes of bottle necks.
Exclusive 100% hermetic system
Adapts to different sizes of spout
Also suitable for wine and alcohol bottles
Dishwasher safe
French design Guaranteed BPA-free