Return, drain and serve food safely !
Thanks to this open-worked silicone spatula, recover, turn and drain your preparations easily and safely!
This indispensable utensil will be your ally in the kitchen for :
- Flip pancakes, steak or fish fillet,
- Drain your fried fries, bacon or fried vegetable patties in oil,
- Serve your preparations directly from the dish to the plate. Its exclusive design allows it to stand upright while you cook to keep your worktop clean at all times.
Its three grooves allow easy draining of your meats, vegetables or fried food directly into a pan or dish.
Entirely made of silicone, it is easy to clean and also allows you to rub even the most fragile containers without damaging them.
Thanks to its juice or sauce collecting collar in vertical position, the worktop always stays clean. Practical, the turner also fits on the rims of pots and pans.
- BPA-free silicone & reinforced handle structure
- Resistant to extreme temperatures
- Easy cleaning with a sponge or dishwasher.
- Stands up.